Towards Sustainable Development

Towards Sustainable Development

Marilou Pantua-Juanito17 October | 2016

Oikocredit and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Perspectives and challenges – taking the Philippines as an example /a series of talks by Marilou Pantua-Juanito from Quezon City (the Philippines).

From 17 to 27 October, Marilou Pantua-Juanito (Oikocredit’s capacity building and social performance coordinator for Southeast Asia) is the guest speaker at Oikocredit’s annual roadshow. She will speak at several events in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands to talk about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how Oikocredit is working to support the SDGs in Southeast Asia.

The roadshow kicks off today in Vienna, Austria, where Marilou will provide insights into the work being carried out by Oikocredit in Southeast Asia. Most of the roadshow events take place in Germany, with the final event taking place on 27 October in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Marilou will talk about the impact of Oikocredit investments in the region, and how Oikocredit is supporting the new SDGs. This relates to the first and most important goal: to bring an end to poverty everywhere and in every form by 2030. By 2030 no person should suffer from hunger, smallholder farmers should see a doubling of their incomes, and women should have the same access to economic resources as men. Above all, this requires a more equitable distribution of capital.

Marilou has worked in the field of development cooperation for over 35 years as an expert in rural development and capacity building. She supports Oikocredit partner organizations in improving their social performance and coordinates product innovation and research. In addition, she oversees and develops programmes aimed at dealing with natural disasters. The strategy in tackling such issues has been shaped by first-hand experience in countries such as the Philippines, which have been particularly hard hit by climate change and its related effects. How can Oikocredit bolster its partners’ efforts to confront such challenges and promote sustainable development?

Marilou will seek to cover these issues by sharing her own experiences and providing illustrative examples.

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